Business-Life Coaching

Life doesn’t have to be stress and struggle.

Getting unstuck, relieving stress, and finding flow help you be happier and more successful at work and in life.

“Stuck” is not a fun place to be… and it happens to most of us at some point.

You may know exactly where you’re hung up – your next career step, overall life balance, a specific goal, or a general feeling of stagnation. Or you may just know your stress levels are way too high, you feel frustrated and overwhelmed, and it’s affecting everything.

You can get – and stay – unstuck. I promise.

Hundreds of professionals have learned to get unstuck with my process.

Paula Berardinelli photoSherry is a totally open space. I can say what I’m scared about, what I’m proud about, what I’m curious about, what I’m confused about, and there’s no judgment. Sherry’s not going to take care of me in the sense of patting me on the head or patronizing me. She’s going to hold me high, she’s going to hold me accountable, and she’s going to speak the truth. And in her speaking the truth as she hears it from me, I’m able to see it – and shift.

There’s a sense of confidence that had been hiding and that’s been surfaced, revealed, through coaching. I’m more confident in setting boundaries. I’m more confident in saying no. I’m more confident in the quality of work that I do, and about telling people, you know, if you want to work with me, here’s some parameters. All that had been missing before.

My life is working!

Paula Berardinelli, President, drpaulab, llc

Accomplishing what you really want.

My clients work with me to gain insight into what they really want – which helps them see what’s holding them back. From there, they take action to move forward, learning to create lasting change in their lives.

Because I’ve worked in corporations, serve on nonprofit boards and own a business, I understand the reality of life in organizations and offer practical guidance to get things done. And with a unique mix of business savvy, 10 years experience as a certified coach, and studies in positive psychology and yoga, I can help you make sure that what you’re getting done supports what makes you happy.

Lisa Parker, business life coaching client for Sherry Essig, Flow Dynamix
I started working with Sherry because I wanted room for other things in my life besides work!

Deep down inside I wasn’t sure it was possible to have a successful business and take time for myself: work out, walk with my dogs, do yoga, and just plain old have down time to relax. And since I wasn’t convinced I’d get there, it was almost impossible to get motivated to even try.

In our first session she told me that small steps turn into big change. How true that turned out to be! As a result of our work together, I have worked less, made more money, and lost 76 pounds. My entire way of thinking has changed. I now know that if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Sherry helps you get unstuck and out of a rut. She does it in a way that’s easy and intelligent and funny and makes you feel really, really good.

Lisa Parker, Art Director, Group3 Design

In two or three 60-minute calls a month, we’ll start with a realistic assessment of where you are, define manageable ways to move forward, and monitor your progress.

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