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Get more out of your business and your life… with the Bring Your Business to Life™ program

You launched your business to do work that matters, while creating a meaningful income and a fulfilling life.

But many service professionals, solo-preneurs, small business owners and independent sales professionals find themselves working harder than ever, trying to make both the financial and the emotional bottom-lines add up.

Are you experiencing any of these common challenges to having a sustainable business and life?

  • You know you’re doing the work you’re meant to do, but without more structure, you worry it won’t produce enough revenue.
  • On the surface, you and your business seem to be doing well, but deeper down you sense there’s an opportunity to bring the pieces together in a more satisfying and profitable way.
  • You spend so much time serving clients that other critical aspects of your business, such as marketing or administration, are falling short, jeopardizing your ongoing success.
  • Work seems to be taking over your life, leaving little or no time for other things that matter to you.

My business has moved to a whole new level since completing the Bring Your Business to Life program. There’s no way I would have gotten here this quickly on my own. If you are looking to accelerate your progress, I’d recommend talking to Sherry.

~ Michael Dickinson, Financial Advisor, Smith Barney

Following Your Dream isn’t Enough

There’s plenty of advice out there telling you to follow your passion. But how many people advocating for personal change know what it takes to make a business work?

Maybe you’ve tried other resources that tell you how to run your business better. But they’re usually one-size-fits-all. They’re not what you need for your business. And they certainly don’t link to who you are and what you really want.

A Program Designed for Your Business and Your Life

My Bring Your Business to Life program gives you the process and tools you need to create a business that delivers what you want from it. It combines elements of strategic planning, performance management and executive coaching to help you discover how to maximize your business results while supporting other important choices in your life.

The program will help you move forward with focus and confidence, because you’ll have an action plan based on what’s most important to you… and to the success of your business.

 Powerful Steps for Powerful Results

When you commit to the Bring Your Business to Life program, I’ll guide you through the following critical steps to make your business and your life what you’ve always imagined.

Alignment. Your business is an extension of you. But it’s easy for your work to get disconnected from your core values. So we’ll begin by defining what success means to you. Then we’ll craft a life vision and a business visions that are consistent with these values – and with each other.

Priorities. While it’s great to be your own boss, it’s tough to also be your own head of sales, marketing director, finance manager, tech. support or all of the above! No wonder you may feel exhausted or overwhelmed at times. With the Bring Your Business to Life program, you’ll identify the key drivers that make the difference for your business.soyou’ll know where to put your time to get the most momentum

Measurement. Sure, you can see how much money is – or isn’t – coming in. But did you know that there are ways you can see how you’re doing to get on track this month, next month and even next year?. The Bring Your Business to Life program will help you stay on top of what’s happening on the job and in life… so you can identify how to achieve more of what you want.

Paul and Sarah MatthewsCompleting the Bring Your Business to Life program with Sherry is the best investment we have made in our eleven years in business… Sherry encouraged us to question our assumptions and to examine what key factors would drive our success. The process gave us structure and focus. Sherry’s insights and humor are invaluable. Our business is now aligned with who we are and where we want to be.

~ Sarah and Paul Matthews, Mobius Coaching and Development, London

Your Partner, Coach and Advisor

My process is both analytical and intuitive. With a career that spans more than 25 years in finance, marketing, strategy and business management, I’ve got the experience to offer practical, real-world ideas for your business. And through my coaching certification, positive psychology studies and yoga training, I know how to help you get in touch with your heart, your gut or whatever you’d call that other way of sensing what’s best for you and your business.

Whether you’ve been in business for 10 years or one year, taking time out of your busy day will yield improved results and a greater sense of accomplishment. I’ve helped hundreds of clients get the most out of their businesses and their lives.

Mary CantandoI devote so much time and energy to my clients that it was refreshing to step back and work on my own business. Not only did I get new insight and ideas that I could immediately implement, but just as importantly, it helped me recommit to other parts of my life that can often take a back seat to my business.

~ Mary Cantando, President,

In-Depth, Customized Assistance

With the Bring Your Business to Life program, we’ll work closely together to determine what makes your business… and you… tick. Your program will include:

  • The Bring Your Business to Life workbook with nearly 100 pages of ideas and activities to help you gain insight into your business and your life
  • Eleven 60-90 minute individual phone sessions to coach you through the process, provide feedback on your plan and monitor your progress
  • In-depth review of all your program work
  • Unlimited email support between sessions to address other questions that may arise
  • Templates you can use to update your plans annually

A Comprehensive Program You Can Use Again and Again

The Bring Your Business to Life Program gives you everything you need to have a realistic plan for the next 12 months, customized to fit your unique business and life. You’ll feel a much greater sense of control over knowing where you are heading and how you will get there. Your outcomes will include:

  • Major areas of focus
  • Key measures
  • Priority projects
  • Action steps for implementation
  • Tools to help you manage what’s most important

With the clarity you’ll gain, you’ll know when to say yes – and no – to competing demands. You’ll see how to balance short-term needs with more strategic projects. And you’ll develop innovative approaches to integrate work with your personal life.

After participating in the program, I was able to reframe my activities to directly drive the success of my business. I highly recommend this to anyone-talk about paying dividends.

~ Rebecca Worters, Founder, Capability Company

You Can Get Dramatically Better Results And Feel Better About It.

For more information on how I can help you get the most out of your business and your life, schedule a complimentary consultation. Just drop me an email via my contact page or give me a call at (919) 834-6960.

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