What lies over the edge of your comfort zone

Comfort Zone

Happiness is the way

Your PathHappiness is a journey, not a destination.

For a long time it seemed to me that life was about to begin—real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid.

At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life. This perspective has helped me to see there is no way to happiness.

Happiness is the way. So treasure every moment you have and remember that time waits for no one.

~ Alfred D. Souza

Gratitude and choice

“The more adept we become at feeling love and gratitude for all life’s earthly learning experiences, the more quickly we are reminded that, whatever hardship may be placed before us, it is our choice always to return to a place of love and gratitude and to give thanks for all that still remains.”
― Molly Friedenfeld

The importance of making the unconscious conscious.

Making the unconscious conscious

Courageously creating your path

Crooked Tree“One does not walk into the forest and accuse the trees of being off-center,

Nor do they visit the shore and call the waves imperfect.

So why do we look at ourselves this way?”~ Tao Te Ching 

Action: conscious movement

“Action is movement with intelligence. The world is full of movement. What the world needs is more conscious movement, more action.”
~ BKS Iyengar

From the impossible to the possible


Courageously creating your path

Autumn Path“If you’re feeling frightened about what comes next, don’t be.

Embrace the uncertainty. Allow it to lead you places. Be brave as it challenges you to exercise both your heart and your mind as you create your own path toward happiness; don’t waste time with regret.

Spin wildly into your next action. Enjoy the present, each moment, as it comes, because you’ll never get another one quite like it.

And if you should ever look up and find yourself lost, simply take a breath and start over. Retrace your steps and go back to the purest place in your heart…where your hope lives. You’ll find your way again.”
~ Everwood

Gratitude and Joy, Joy and Gratitude

“[I] never talk about gratitude and joy separately, for this reason. In 12 years, I’ve never interviewed a single person who would describe their lives as joyful, who would describe themselves as joyous, who was not actively practicing gratitude.” ~ Brené Brown

Courage first