Meet Sherry Essig:

Getting unstuck.  Staying unstuck.  Moving forward in the midst of change.

These are challenges every professional faces.

Success in today’s complex world requires a consistent focus on personal development and growth.

It means understanding that your professional career and your personal life aren’t two separate things.  They’re two aspects of the whole that is who you are – and that’s why personal development is professional development.

Whether you want to…

  • Get unstuck now,
  • Navigate life’s ups and downs smoothly and with ease, or
  • Help employees struggle less and achieve more…

… you’re in the right place!

I’m Sherry Essig – and this is Flow Dynamix

Your life and career take many paths – sometimes rocky and turbulent, sometimes peaceful and still.  Navigating that changing flow requires a dynamic mix of abilities, skills, and attitudes.

I have over 25 years of experience in business, both in the corporate sector and as an independent business owner.  My understanding of how everything is connected has come from – and leads me deeper into – a combination of tools, approaches, and modalities that ranges from applied metrics and in-depth coach training through leadership of self and positive psychology to yoga.

Simply put, I know that long-term happiness and sustainable success requires aligning who you are, what you do, and how you do it.  And that’s where I focus my work:  helping my clients get unstuck and discover their own experience of alignment.

My confidence has increased, my management and communication skills have grown, and I’m much happier with how I work. Working with Sherry has been an amazing experience!

Kim Hunter, Founder
Sarah Cecilia’s Good Food Company

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